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Autism Evaluation

The diagnostic evaluation involves a multi-disciplinary team of our trained medical professionals including a pediatrician, psychologist, speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist. Genetic testing may likewise be recommended, as well as screening for related medical issues such as sleep difficulties. This type of comprehensive approach helps parents understand as much as possible about their child’s strengths and needs. 

As with young children, diagnosis of adolescents and adults involves personal observation and interview by our trained specialists. Often, a diagnosis brings relief to those who have long struggled with difficulties in relating socially while not understanding the source of their difficulties. A diagnosis can also open access to therapies and assistive technologies that can improve function in areas of difficulty and, so, improve overall quality of life

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Please call 1-833-6AUTISM to make an appointment. Please bring copies of any recent testing, including cognitive and psychological testing and speech, occupational therapy or physical therapy evaluations.; records of any early intervention services or IEP/504 plans and past medical and diagnostic assessments

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